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Why Choose a Bestar Murphy Bed?

Bestar helps homeowners reinvent their spaces with modern, functional furniture. In 1948, Bestar began in Canada, assembling quality wooden furniture such as bookstands and coffee tables. As their products grew in popularity, their business expanded to offer other furniture items and products.

Along the way, Bestar has led the way in advancements for the furniture industry, while keeping its customers as a top priority. When selecting a murphy bed, customers seek affordability, without compromising value. Bestar understands this basic concept, striving to deliver quality murphy beds at affordable prices.

Their impressive murphy beds feature twin, full, and queen-sized options. This allows you to use your existing mattress, without the need for special mattresses. Prefer extra-firm or soft mattresses? Their murphy beds offer a space-saving setup for any room in your home. Users love the ability to use their own mattress, while easily storing it away in the wall bed when not in use.

Popular Bestar Murphy Beds

Bestar Universal Collection

Using quality laminated particleboard, Bestar’s murphy beds feature impressive designs with a modern touch. For example. Bestar’s Universal Collection, uses clean lines and metal handles for a simple, polished look. Within minutes, this sleek cabinet can lower and fold up, allowing you flexibility for your floor space.

Bestar Pur Collection

If you’re seeking a murphy bed with a bit more style, Bestar’s Pur Collection delivers. The Pur Collection, offered in white, bark grey, or chocolate, features a six-panel design that adds style and depth to this murphy bed. The two vertical metal handles add style with a modern touch. In addition, buyers benefit from the impressive 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Bestar Edge Collection

In addition to traditional murphy beds, Bestar also offers murphy beds with storage on the side. The Bestar Edge Collection Murphy Beds help you maximize every inch of wall space in your small room. To the left and right of the bed are two fixed and four adjustable shelves, to store any of your belongings.

When you choose an Edge Collection murphy bed, you’ll also add style to your room. The raised-panel design uses straight, clean lines to offer style while remaining functional. Users with limited space also have the option to choose storage on only one side of the murphy bed.