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About Night & Day

Night & Day creates quality wood furniture crafted in Vancouver. Their bedroom furniture delivers quality with innovative designs and styles. Night & Day offers top-selling cabinet murphy beds that deliver a unique alternative to traditional murphy beds.

Unlike regular wall beds that attach to the wall, Night & Day’s Cabinet Murphy Beds stand alone. For buyers looking for a space-saving sleeping solution without wall attachment, cabinet murphy beds offer the perfect solution. Night & Day offers cabinet murphy beds in both queen and full size, which can comfortably sleep two people.

In addition, Night & Day’s cabinet murphy beds come with a special tri-fold mattress. Looking for an inexpensive alternative to a standard wall bed? You get both a space-saving bed and mattress included in the purchase of a Night & Day cabinet murphy bed.

Popular Night & Day Cabinet Murphy Beds

Night & Day Murphy Bed Cube Cabinet

The Cabinet Murphy Bed Cube is by far the most popular cabinet murphy bed offered by Night & Day. This affordable sleeping solution contains a tri-fold queen mattress that delivers comfort. In under 60 seconds, users can convert this stylish cabinet into a queen-sized bed. It’s perfect for guest rooms or studio apartments!

Night & Day Clover Murphy Bed Cabinet

This free-standing Clover Cabinet Murphy bed offers a traditional style, while helping you save space. The underneath rolling storage drawer adds even more storage for bedding, such as linens and pillows. The Night & Day Clover Cabinet Murphy Bed includes a comfortable 6-inch memory foam tri-fold mattress in standard queen size. In addition, buyers have the option of several luxurious wood finishes.

Night & Day Apline Cabinet Murphy Bed

The Night & Day Alpine Cabinet Murphy Bed features the perfect guest room solutions. Inside the shallow sleep enclosure, users can quickly unfold a tri-fold queen mattress when guests are over. When the guests leave, simply perform a few basic steps to regain your floor space. Also, what’s not to love about the vertical wooden paneling of this unique murphy bed.

Night & Day Poppy Murphy Bed Cabinet

The Poppy style is one of Night & Day’s most popular murphy cabinet beds. The finish and style of this space-saving bed solution are truly one of a kind. Available in unique finishes such as brushed driftwood or skye, your room won’t be short on style. If you’re looking to add both functionality and style to your room, the Night & Day Poppy murphy bed cabinet is for you.

  • Night and Day Cube Murphy Bed

    Original price was: $2,000.00.Current price is: $1,897.00.
  • Night and Day Clover Murphy Bed

    Original price was: $2,797.00.Current price is: $2,597.00.
  • Night and Day Alpine Murphy Bed

    Original price was: $2,797.00.Current price is: $2,597.00.
  • Night and Day Sagebrush Murphy Bed

    Original price was: $3,050.00.Current price is: $2,797.00.
  • Night and Day Poppy Murphy Bed

    Original price was: $3,250.00.Current price is: $2,897.00.
  • Night and Day Daisy Murphy Bed

    Original price was: $3,250.00.Current price is: $2,997.00.