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Looking to purchase a Murphy Bed? We provide the the largest selection of Murphy Beds and Wall Beds from the top manufacturers in the industry.
Bestar Pur Collection Murphy Bed with Storage Bark Grey

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Murphy bed Supply is dedicated to offer customers the largest selection of Murphy Beds and Wall Beds. We find the best deals on the most popular items so you don’t have to. We offer Murphy beds in Twin, Full, Queen and even King sizes!

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Different Types of Murphy Beds

Murphy Beds with Couches

Murphy beds with couches are the perfect answer to make the most of your space. Use these wall beds as both a couch or a bed, whichever you need! Murphy beds with couches help you utilize small spaces for dual purposes. Many customers love adding murphy beds with couches to guest rooms or dual-purpose rooms for both sleeping and sitting.

These specific types of wall beds come in various sizes, with Queen as the most popular bed. When not in use, simply close the murphy bed with couch to regain your room’s floor space for another purpose! Even better, with many finishes and styles to choose from, you won’t need to compromise style for functionality.

Murphy Beds with Desks

Murphy beds with desks offer a targeted space-saving solution for home offices. Want to utilize desk space for working during the day but also offer guest-sleeping arrangements? Convert your guest bedroom or office into a dual-purpose room with a murphy bed with desk. For tight apartments or studios, they will allow you to maximize your space without sacrificing your needs for a workspace.

When nighttime comes, simply lower the workspace desk, without the need to clear personal belongings or items from the surface. Fascinate both you and your guests with the awesome technology and versatility of murphy beds with desks.

Murphy Beds with Storage

You’ll never lack adequate space for guests with a murphy bed with storage. Murphy beds with storage feature a space-saving design to help you optimize small rooms. This unique type of bed features adjustable shelving and storage drawers to utilize every bit of wall space.

Looking to add a murphy bed with storage to a guest room? Your guests will have plenty of space to store their belongings during their stay. When not in use, the storage shelving can be used for décor or display items, as you regain your floorspace to use for other activities.

Cabinet Murphy Beds

Cabinet murphy beds offer another space-saving solution for customers who do not want standard murphy wall beds. Unlike a murphy wall bed, a cabinet murphy bed is a free-standing chest that opens and closes in under a minute. Available in many styles, colors, and bed sizes, this popular new sleeping solution is used in bedrooms, basements, guest rooms, studio apartments, and more!

Included in the price of the cabinet murphy bed, customers receive a tri-fold memory foam mattress that folds within the chest. When closed, cabinet murphy beds blend seamlessly into your room, without appearing like a bed. Some cabinet beds can even be used to display photos or artwork on the stationary top panel!

When guests arrive, simply unlatch the bed and an easy, comfortable mattress will come down. It’s that simple!

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Top Brands

Bestar Murphy Beds

For over 70 years, Bestar has offered wooden furniture that delivers both style and durability. Today, they top the charts as a leader in manufacturers of murphy wall beds. Using innovative designs and modern technologies, Bestar creates dual-purpose space-saving furniture items, including varying sizes of murphy beds.

Their collection offers both queen and full murphy beds, as well as options with desks or couches. No matter what vision for a murphy bed entails, Bestar’s comprehensive selection has something for everyone.

In addition to durability, Bestar’s murphy beds come in eye-catching designs and finishes. A Bestar Murphy Bed enhances the look of any style room while serving to save space.

Bowery Hill Murphy Beds

Bowery Hill offers timeless furniture at affordable prices, without compromising quality. Their extensive experience and years of service in the furniture industry have led them to create some of the best murphy beds on the market. Bowery Hill’s selection of wall beds features beds that accommodate either full or queen mattresses.

Another highlight of Bowery Hill’s murphy bed collection is their easy-use mechanisms. Bowery Hill wall beds are simple to open and close, allowing you to convert your room based on your needs of the day! See how you can transform a small room today with Bowery Hill’s collection.

Pemberly Row Murphy Beds

Pemberly Row delivers furniture, such as wall beds, that are made to last. Their wall bed products feature mechanisms with functionality in mind, in addition to stunning designs. Pemberly Row Wall Beds offer a dual piston metal folding mechanism, designed to make lowering and lifting the bed easy.

Whether you’re looking for a rich walnut finish or deep ivory oak, there’s no shortage of beautiful finishes to choose from. When closed, Pemberly Row Wall Beds won’t put a damper on your room’s style. The stunning two-panel craftmanship of their wall beds seamlessly blends with any style of room in your home.

Signature Sleep Murphy Beds

Signature Sleep delivers quality sleep solutions with over 50 years in the industry. In addition to their extensive warranties, Signature Sleep offers sever murphy wall bed options to choose from. Unlike many other murphy beds which require an additional mattress purchase, Signature Sleep offers a combination of both wall beds and supportive mattresses in queen size.

WallBedKing Murphy Beds

Created in the United Kingdom, WallBedKing is a leading manufacturer of simple, affordable murphy wall beds. For the past five years, they have been ranked the number one wall bed in Europe. Based on their superior customer service and high-quality products, WallBedKing has received excellent reviews from customers throughout the world.

WallBedKing’s top-selling classic murphy wall beds are available in various configurations, including horizontal and vertical orientations. In addition, they also offer seven different sizes, giving customers the flexibility to fit a wall bed in any size room. Another advantage of WallBedKing is their specialty sizing, not offered by other wall bed manufacturers. For example, they offer Twin XL, Full XL, and other hard-to-find bed sizes.