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Cabinet Murphy Beds

Cabinet murphy beds, sometimes called cabinet beds, offer a new space-saving solution. Murphy cabinet beds were created as an alternative to traditional wall beds, for homeowners who don’t want to anchor the bed to the well. When closed, your cabinet murphy bed appears as a solid piece of furniture. In just 60 seconds, it transforms into a bed, using proprietary technology.

This type of murphy bed comes in various sizes, including twin, full, and queen. Most cabinet murphy beds come with a mattress included, equipped with a special tri-fold design that is concealed within the furniture. Impress your guests as you work your magic by transforming a solid cabinet into a guest sleeping solution.

Advantages to Cabinet Murphy Beds

One advantage to purchasing a cabinet murphy bed is the included memory foam mattress. Most cabinet beds include a memory foam mattress with the purchase price. This differs from traditional wall beds, which require separate purchase of a mattress.

As cabinet beds do not attach to the wall, they’re easier to move around than a wall bed. So, this means an easier moving process if needed. Due to their shorter height, they also take up less wall space than standard wall beds.

Popular Cabinet Murphy Beds

Night & Day Murphy Bed Cube

Night & Day, a leading manufacturer of cabinet murphy beds, offers an affordable space saving solution. Unlike any other murphy bed, their innovative Night & Day Murphy Bed Cube has a unique design. Simply lift the top, unhook the latches, and your cube will transform into a queen-size bed. In addition, the comfortable tri-fold memory foam mattress comes with the purchase for an unbeatable value.

Atlantic Southampton Murphy Bed

The Atlantic Southampton Murphy Bed comes in several sizes, including Twin XL or Queen. The arched vertical line design and chrome finished handles will catch your guests attention. Not to mention, you can use the stationary top panel to display photos, a TV, or even plants! Choose from white, grey, walnut, or more!



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