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Murphy Beds with Couches

Did you know some styles of murphy wall beds come with a couch? That’s right! If you don’t have space for both a bed and a couch, murphy beds with couches offer a great solution. You’ll make the most of your space with both sleeping and sitting arrangements in one!

Murphy beds with couches work using innovative technology. When folded down, the couch cushions moved out of the way, and the mattress comes down. These types of murphy beds use standard mattresses, allowing users to choose the firmness that works best for them. In addition, murphy beds with couches look amazing!

Murphy beds with couches are excellent for studio apartments, basements, and guest rooms. Make the most of your space with stylish and functional furntiture! Below are some of the most popular murphy beds with a couch.

Popular Murphy Beds with Couch

Bestar Pur Collection

The Bestar Pur Collection, ranked one of the top murphy beds with couches, features a stunning wood finish in either chocolate or white. The contrast of the couch color instantly adds style to your room. Made from quality materials, Bestar offers a combination full bed and couch all in one. This amazing solution helps solve any space problems by meeting two needs in one.

Bestar Versitale Collection

Want a murphy bed couch combination with a Queen bed instead? Try the Bestar Veristale Collection. As if this functional piece of furniture does not already offer enough value, it also helps customers add storage too! Attached storage shelving can be added on one or both sides, making great use of your wasted wall space.