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Murphy Beds with Storage

If you’re shopping for a murphy bed, chances are you’re short on space. Murphy beds in themselves help save space by closing to open up a room when the bed is not in use. However, choosing a murphy bed with storage helps save even more space! Whether you choose a murphy cabinet bed with underneath storage or a traditional wall bed with side storage, you’ll love the added benefit of storage!

Night and Day Alpine Murphy Bed

Night and Day’s Alpine Murphy Bed saves space thanks to its tri-fold queen bed design. Not only will you get an easy-to-open and-close bed, but the bottom drawer adds spacious storage! Use this bottom drawer to hold linens, bedding, or anything y0u’d like! The Alpine Murphy Bed, a free-standing murphy cabinet bed, has a classic vertical pattern.

Pemberly Row Edgar Murphy Bed with Storage

Pemberly Row’s traditional Edgar Murphy Bed gives you the flexibility to customize your murphy bed to your space. Add either one or two storage towers to the left and right of the bed for added storage. In addition, it can accommodate up to a 12-inch mattress! The side shelving not only adds storage but makes any room look complete.

Bestar Pur Collection Murphy Bed with Storage

Shoppers with modern taste will love the contemporary feeling of the Bestar Pur Collection with Storage. Featuring chrome handles and a raised panel design, what’s not to love about this stylish murphy bed? Each side tower adds three spacious storage drawers to help you make the most of tight space and rooms.