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IKEA Murphy Beds: What to Know

Walnut Murphy Bed Slats

IKEA is one of the most recognizable household names in the build-it-yourself furniture industry. This Swedish furniture company has 470 different retail store locations in 64 markets. Just within the United States, IKEA has 50 locations. Known for their innovative designs, simplistic style, and affordable prices, there are many reasons Ikea remains a go-to for furniture basics.

From living room furniture to decor lighting, IKEA offers every type of household furniture imaginable. While they offer many selections in most furniture categories, IKEA lacks in its functional furniture offerings. Although IKEA offers several standard bed frames to select from, these may not work for customers searching for beds in tight spaces.

About Murphy Beds

Murphy beds offer an excellent furniture option for beds in tight rooms. Whether it’s a tiny mountain house, a studio apartment, or a guest room, many shoppers want to make the most of their space. As such, murphy beds have offered a flexible space-saving solution for years.

Today, there are more murphy beds to choose from than ever before. From traditional wall murphy beds to cabinet murphy beds, functional furniture continues to evolve. In addition, options with added storage and new features continue to add more excitement to a murphy bed purchase.

Edgar Murphy Bed with Two Storage Made

Does IKEA Have Murphy Beds?

Shoppers looking for functional furniture are often disappointed to find Ikea does not offer murphy beds. Given its wide selection of bedroom furniture, this comes as a surprise to many IKEA fanatics. The company’s decision not to enter the murphy bed market is puzzling to many of its customers, though it is understandable. Below, we’ll offer some insight into why IKEA Murphy Beds are not offered.

One reason IKEA does not offer murphy beds is due to the construction of a wall bed. Wall beds function using innovative technology, allowing the bed to fold up without being too heavy. Therefore, the materials used to construct a murphy wall bed must be able to withstand heavy usage and weight.

IKEA keeps its prices low by using select materials. The construction of a murphy wall bed requires durable bed springs or pistons to function optimally. The conclusion for why IKEA does not offer murphy beds is simply due to incorrect materials. As a leader in the furniture industry, IKEA’s designers understand the high-quality mechanisms required for a functional murphy bed.

Another point to consider, from IKEA’s standpoint, is that selling Murphy Beds poses a liability. Should they construct a murphy bed product that is not durable enough to support the weight, this could lead to dangerous situations. The last thing IKEA wants is multiple injury lawsuits. Therefore, we suspect they will continue to stay away from offering murphy beds.

Purchasing a Murphy Bed

Since IKEA does not offer murphy beds, customers seeking a space-saving bed must look elsewhere. If you are an IKEA fan, chances are you’re interested in a modern, innovative, and affordable murphy bed. As with any furniture purchase, there’s a vast range of products from affordable to high-end.

Before you embark on your search for a murphy bed, consider the following. Below, we consider IKEA-like furniture in each of these categories for consideration.

Materials: As mentioned above, murphy beds require solid, durable materials for best use. Murphy beds might be made of solid wood, plywood, or a combination. Many people believe plywood is of inferior quality. However, plywood works great for use on murphy beds as it is durable and solid. IKEA does not offer murphy beds as their materials are simply not strong enough. As a shopper, this is your indication that the materials of the murphy bed you purchase are an important consideration.

Price: IKEA offers unbeatable furniture pricing, which is part of the reason they’re so popular. Although IKEA is not an option for affordable murphy beds, many other manufacturers offer budget-friendly options. As far as murphy wall beds go, expect to pay a higher price than standard IKEA furniture. Murphy beds use higher quality materials, which come at a price. However, you can expect your murphy bed to last many years, compared to only a few years with IKEA furniture.

Warranties: At MurphyBedSupply, we only offer brands that stand behind their products. We believe a solid warranty is indicative of the quality of a product. A manufacturer that does not offer a warranty suggests they know their product will not last. When you invest in a murphy bed, it’s important to check out the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Style and Color: Many shoppers love IKEA due to its simplistic, modern designs. Although IKEA is not an option for your murphy bed purchase, many other manufacturers offer clean lines and simplistic styles. For example, check out the Bestar Murphy Beds. Many of their styles mimic IKEA designs in many ways.

Final Thoughts

IKEA-lovers are often shocked to find their favorite furniture manufacturer does not offer popular murphy wall beds. However, MurphyBedSupply offers many other quality manufacturers to choose from. We’ve sifted through every murphy wall bed on the market to find the best of the best.

Puq Full Murphy Bed Made
Bestar Lumina Collection Murphy Bed with Desk Made

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