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What is an Electric Murphy Bed?

From studio apartments to mobile homes, it’s no question a murphy wall bed is one of the most versatile pieces of space-saving furniture. Since its invention in the early 1900s, wall beds have continued to rise in popularity. Traditionally, murphy beds open and close with a mechanism for lifting and lowering the bed. But what if an even better option – an electric murphy bed – could exist?

The idea of an electric murphy bed modernizes this classic piece of furniture. So, where can you get one? Below, explore everything you need to know about an electric Murphy bed and its potential.

How Do Traditional Murphy Beds Work?

Before we can consider the functionality of an electric murphy bed, we first must understand how a standard murphy bed works. To close the bed, the user typically lifts the foot of the bed and pushes it up towards the wall until it clicks into place. Though this process is simple and easy, a person must still be in stable condition to operate a murphy wall bed.

Some Murphy beds also have locking mechanisms that ensure the bed stays securely in place when it is stored vertically. In addition, some types also have a latch or lock to prevent accidental opening. 

Do Electric Murphy Beds Exist?

Yes, electric Murphy beds do exist. However, they are not widely manufactured at the present time. An electric murphy bed acts just like a traditional wall bed, however, it uses an electric motor to operate instead of a manual mechanism. Some options for an electric murphy bed with remote control takes the technology one step further, allowing users to operate the bed from a distance.

The idea of electric-powered beds is both innovative and attractive, providing a great option for those who have difficulty lifting and lowering a manual murphy bed. However, they certainly do not come without drawbacks. Beds with an electric mechanism are much more expensive due to the added cost of motor and electric components.

With in this in mind, it’s clear why these beds are not popular on a mainstream level. Luckily, there are many standard murphy wall beds that are designed with easy opening and closing mechanisms.

Choosing an Easy-to-Open Murphy Bed

The ease of opening and closing a Murphy bed depends on several factors, including the type of mechanism used, the weight of the bed, and the quality of the components.

In general, spring-loaded mechanisms tend to be the easiest to use, as they provide assistance when lifting and lowering the bed. Hydraulic piston mechanisms are also relatively easy to use, as they use fluid pressure to lift and lower the bed smoothly and evenly. Manual mechanisms that rely on straps or handles can be more difficult to use. This is because this method requires the user to pull or lift the bed into position. 

However, some manufacturers have designed their manual Murphy beds to be easier to use by incorporating features like counterbalancing systems or ergonomic handles.

Top Murphy Beds for Easy Use

Based on our expertise and years in the industry, we’ve selected some top picks for the easiest Murphy beds to use. We’ve broken down choices by the type of opening and closing mechanism they utilize.

WallbedKing Horizontal and Vertical Murphy Beds

Pemberly Row Easy-Lift Edgar Murphy Bed

The Pemberly Row Edgar Murphy Bed is by far one of the easiest to open and close, designed with an easy-lift dual piston system. In addition to making it easy to open and close, the dual piston mechanism provides safety for users that is not seen in other murphy bed models.

As an added benefit, we like that this Edgar model offers the optional side storage units to make even more use of your tight bedroom space.

Final Thoughts

Is an electric murphy bed for you? While it may be out of your price range, there are plenty of suitable wall beds with easy/opening close mechanisms to choose from. Explore our full selection of top-rated wall beds to help you maximize the smallest spaces in your home.

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